[Long Distance Calling]

Long Distance Calling @ Ex-Haus, Trier - 2018/12/06


Motorowl supporting Long Distance Calling @ Ex-Haus, Trier - 2018/12/06

[The Musical Box]

The Musical Box – A Genesis Extravaganza – Congresshalle Saarbrücken, 20.11.2018 Die frühen Genesis. Mit Peter Gabriel bzw. kurz nach dessen Ausstieg. Nicht jedem war es vergönnt (oder aufgrund der späten Geburt möglich) diese Ausnahmeband, die die …

[Gloomaar Festival 2018]

Zweites Post- und Progressive Rock Festival in der Neuen Gebläsehalle, Neunkirchen/ Saar am 17.11.2018


FISH, Clutching-At-Straws-Tour, Garage Saarbrücken, 2018-11-14

[Doris Brendel & Band]

Doris Brendel & Band - Support Act of FISH, Garage Saarbrücken, 2018-11-14

[Uriah Heep]

Uriah Heep, Europahalle Trier, 2018-11-03

[Chor über Brücken]

Das Jahres-Weihnachtskonzert 2017 des Chor über Brücken e.V., Trier

[A Tribute to Alfred Reed]

"A Tribute to Alfred Reed" by "Musik ohne Grenzen" (Eifel Projekt Orchester / Sven Kiefer) - Trifolion, Echternach - 2017/10/01

[Night of the Prog Festival XII]

Mike Portnoy's Shattered Fortress, Crippled Black Phoenix, Ray Wilson, YES, Chris Thompson, Marillion and many more

[Night of the Prog Festival XI]

Nach 10 Ausgaben darf sich das Night of the Prog Festival als das bekannteste und grösste Festival dieses Genres in Europa, ja weltweit nennen.


Pendragon are an English neo-progressive rock band established in 1978 in Stroud, Gloucestershire as Zeus Pendragon by guitarist and vocalist Nick Barrett. The Zeus was dropped before the band started recording as the members decided it was too long to…


The UK's PROG Magazine describes them as "one of the brightest young bands in the progressive sphere right now." This London-born sextet are the "prodigiously talented youths that will benefit prog." - PROG. "Greatness is definitely within their gra…

[Special Providence]

With their virtuoso yet easily digestable style, Special Providence from Hungary are one of the best known modern instrumental bands. With an emphasis on good tunes rather than endless flashy soloing, the band has created a unique style – a mixture of…


Arkentype, Progressive Metal Band from the southern parts of Norway. Live @ Spirit of 66, 2016-05-28

[Rock Against Cancer 2016]

Initiated in 2013 by Swiss Life Luxembourg, Rock Against Cancer aims to be The Luxembourg Musical Event where people gather to actively fight against cancer. Every year, in Rockhal of Esch-sur-Alzette, Rock Against Cancer sets itself the challenge to…

[Nina Hagen]

Nina Hagen @ Den Atelier, 2016-03-10

[Jaga Jazzist - Support: No Metal in this Battle]

Jaga Jazzist with support No Metal in this Battle @ Rockhal, Esch (L), 2015-11-02

[Spock's Beard - Support: Synaesthesia / Special Providence]

Spock's Beard - Support: Synaesthesia / Special Providence, Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2015-09-16

[e-Lake festival, Echternach, 2015]

Seit 1996 findet alljährlich am zweiten Wochende im Monat August ein 3-tägiges Musikfestival am Echternacher See (Luxemburg) statt, bekannt unter dem Namen "e-Lake festival". Jedes Jahr, finden rund 20.000 Besucher zwischen 15 und 40 Jahren den Weg nach

[Night of the Prog Festival X]

Nach 9 Ausgaben darf sich das Night of the Prog Festival als das bekannteste und grösste Festival dieses Genres in Europa, ja weltweit nennen.

[Fete de la Musique 2015, Dudelange (L), 2015-06-20]

Fete de la Musique, Dudelange, 2015-06-20 Mainstage: Impala Ray, Julian Le Play, Intergalactic Lovers, K's Choice Planet Stage: Tuys, Seed To Tree, Moody Man Why Not Stage: Mean To You, Teschegas, No Metal In This Battle, Miles To Perdition, Lata Gouv…

[At the Gates - Support: Miles to Perdition]

At The Gates are one of the most important bands in the history of death metal. But, with that sort of reputation comes expectation and pressure. Especially when you are dealing with the band's first new studio album, "At War With Reality", since their…

[Der unbekannte Krieg - Ein multimediales Requiem]

Requiem „Der unbekannte Krieg“ von Carsten Braun Der Chor Cantando, Messerich & Das Kulturamt des Eifelkreises Bitburg-Prüm veranstalten am 30. und 31. Mai in der Stadthalle Bitburg das Requiem „Der unbekannte Krieg“ von Carsten Braun ein multimediales…

[Rock Against Cancer 2015]

The “Fondation Cancer” and “Fondatioun Kriibskrank Kanner” are pleased to invite you to the 3rd edition of 'Rock Against Cancer’, supported by Swiss Life.


Änglagard @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2015-04-02

[Wir helfen Sierra Leone]

Benefizkonzert für Ebola-Waisen in der Pfarrkirche Irrel


Fish @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2015-02-19

[Junge Philharmonie Köln]

Neujahrskonzert der Jungen Philharmonie Köln, Bitburg (D), 2015-01-02

[Secret World]

Secret World plays Peter Gabriel @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2011-04-02

[The Beatles Revival Band]

The Beatles Revival Band @ Bitburger Weihnachtsmarkt, 2014-12-03, Bitburg (D)

[The Carpet Crawlers]

The Carpet Crawlers @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2014-10-31

[iX. Night of the Prog]

IX. Night of the Prog, Loreley (D), 2014/07/18 - 2014/07/19


Haken @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2014/04/17


Lazuli @ Spirit of 66, Verviers, 2013/11/03

[Moon Safari]

Moon Safari @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2013/09/10


Haken @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2013/09/03

[Jupiter Jones]

Jupiter Jones @ Lokalrunde 2, Prüm (D) - 2014/10/02

[Arliss Nancy]

Arliss Nancy @ Lokalrunde 2, Prüm (D) - Support of Jupiter Jones

[VIII. Night of the Prog]

VIII. Night of the Prog, Loreley, 2013-07-14


BAP @ Rock um Knuedler, Luxembourg (L), 2013/07/07

[Project 54]

Project 54 @ Rock um Knuedler, Luxembourg (L), 2013/07/07

[Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited]

Steve Hackett's Genesis Revisited @ Phillipshalle, Mainz, 2013/05/03

[Spock's Beard]

Spock's Beard @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2013/05/02


Beardfish @ Spirit of 66, Verviers, 2013/05/02

[Moon Safari]

Moon Safari @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2012/09/20


Believe @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2012/09/20

[The Flower Kings]

The Flower Kings @ Spirit of 66, Verviers (B), 2012/09/04